Mary Berry’s Beef Stew


It’ll be a week tomorrow since we came back to our home.  Every day flies quickly being busy but when I look back it seems much longer since we came back, presumably because we are currently in such a strange situation.  The world changed since we left our home for the renovation, that was only 5 weeks ago, but it feels like months.


It looks like Coronavirus is spreading in Japan now – please take care of yourselves.


さて、今日のディナーは、Mary Berry の「Merry Berry のビーフシチュー」大晦日のディナーに義弟が作ってくれた、セロリアックが入ったビーフシチュー。昨日は久しぶりに食料品の調達に Petworth に行ってお肉屋さんで数種類のお肉を買ってきましたが、久しぶりにビーフシチューを作ろうとスネ肉も買いました。大晦日のディナーがとても美味しかったのを思い出して、作ってみようということに。セロリアックが入っていたのは印象深かったのでやはり昨日行ったファームショップで見かけたので買ったのですが、いくつか材料で足りないものがありました。パプリカ(スパイス)とホースラディッシュクリーム。パプリカはいつもならあるスパイスですが、まだスパイス系はあまり揃っていなくて買っていませんでした。ホースラディッシュクリームもそうそう使わないので手持ちになく。ビーフストックもなかったのでチキンストックで代用。チキンストックは色が薄いですしパプリカも入らなかったのであまり美味しそうな色ではないですが、とても美味しかったです。添えた人参はただの塩茹で、インゲンは塩茹でしたあと、オリーブオイルで炒めました。

We went to Petworth and did some proper food shopping, which we hadn’t done for a while, and we bought a few different meats.  One of them was shin of beef thinking we’ll make a casserole.  I remembered the nice “Mary Berry’s Beef Stew” that my brother-in-low cooked on the New Years Eve so we decided to have a go. I did remember there was celeriac in the stew and bought one when I saw it in a farm shop yesterday but I didn’t check what else was needed and we should have got a couple of other ingredients –  paprika and horseradish cream.  We usually have a jar of paprika at home but we haven’t had a chance to get many spices since we moved to England and hadn’t bought paprika yet.  We also don’t usually have horseradish cream, but we decided to cook it without them.  We also didn’t have beef stock so used chicken stock instead.  Chicken stock is lighter in colour and  we didn’t have paprika so the colour of the stew is pale and may not look very appetising, but it tasted very good even without paprika and horseradish cream.  It would have been good to have them but it wasn’t too bad without.   The celeriac has quite strong flavour so you either love it or hate it, but we loved it.

There was still some green beans in the fridge so I boiled them in salted boiling water then quickly stir-fried in olive oil.  Carrots are just simply boiled in salted boiling water.



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