A Little Walk In The Village

ロックダウンが始まってから夫は何度かミルクなどちょっとしたものを買いに近所のお店に歩いて行っていますが、わたしは今日まで一度も外出らしい外出はしていません。1度だけ1週間ほど前に Petworth に買い出しに夫と車で出ましたが、村をぶらぶらは今日が初めて。私は典型的なイギリス人のようにフレッシュ・エアーがないと生きていけないわけではないですし、コンピューターを置いているところから裏庭も見えるので特に外出をしたいとも思わなず、家のことで忙しくしていたので。とりあえずキッチンとダイニングのものが入った箱は全部空いたので、先ほど夫とぶらっと村の池があるところまで歩きました。外出禁止ですが、運動のための短時間の近所でのお散歩などは今の所許されています。たまにやはりお散歩されている人とすれ違いましたが、道の反対側を歩いていたので問題なし。

After the lockdown, my husband walked to the little village shop to get milk and things a couple of times but I hadn’t gone out at all , (except when we went to Petworth about a week ago in the car) but we had a little walk in the village just now.  I’m not English enough to need “fresh air” all the time, I can see our back garden from the chair I sit on in front of my PC so I don’t feel claustrophobic at all.  I was so busy with sorting the house out that I didn’t miss going out anyway, but we’ve finished opening all the boxes that had dining and kitchen stuff so we thought we’d have a little walk.  Although we are supposed to stay home, we are allowed to have some sort of exercise including a little walk near where you live.  We saw a few people doing the same but we walked on the other side of the road so no close contact with anyone.


It’s beautiful weather today, the sky is blue, birds are chirping, butterflies are around.  The temperature is up to 16C, the highest we’ve known since we moved to England.  It’s forecasted that it’ll be good warm weather for the whole week next week.  This was the first time I went out without my winter down coat since we moved – the weather has changed quite dramatically recently.


We walked to the pond in the village, it’s just 10 minutes’ slow walk.  The front gardens of the houses along the way were full of pretty flowers, magnolias are in full bloom as well.  It’s a lovely time of year in England.

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