All Day Breakfast

今日の夕食は、イギリスのフル・ブレックファースト。ソーセージは Petworth のお肉屋さんで買ったソーセージ2種類。他に目玉焼き、トマトを焼いたもの、缶詰のベイクド・ビーンズ。美味しかったです!わたしは基本的に朝食を摂らないので、こういうものはお昼か夜に食べることになります。Hello Fresh 以外にはそれほど色々食材を買っていないので、例えばタイ料理を作りたいと思っても作れない。一応調味料は買ってあるので、ハーブが手に入れば作れそうなものはいくつか思いつきますが。とにかく、そんなわけで、冷凍しているものと保存食品が中心になります。

Today’s dinner was “English Full Breakfast” – Sausages, egg, tomato & baked beans, can I call this “full”?  I’m not sure, but I’m calling it so anyway.  The sausages are from the freezer – we froze some that we bought at a butcher in Petworth about a week or so ago.  We enjoyed it.  I don’t have breakfast in general, so I don’t have opportunities to have the Full English Breakfast, other than for lunch or dinner.  We aren’t buying a lot of food other than what we get from Hello Fresh so we cannot necessarily cook what we want to cook.  For example, if I want to have Thai food, it’s not very likely we can cook it as we have no Thai herbs at home.  We did buy seasonings for Thai food some time ago, so if we buy a few things we could..  Anyway, at the moment, we try to cook using what we find in the freezer and store cupboards.  Not a lot of choices, really.


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