Fried Rice


I’d forgotten to finish this post on today’s lunch, (I started cooking dinner in the middle of writing it.)


So, the first meal for us to have at our new dining table!! It makes me happy!  As the table is so lovely, I don’t want to cover it up with a tablecloth.  Changing the tablecloth is a great way to change the mood so I’m sure I’ll still use one now and again, but not most of the time like I’ve done for many years.

今日のランチは、焼き飯。玉ねぎ、キャベツ、青ネギ入り、ソース味、シラチャソースでピリ辛です。ご飯は昨日のタイカレーように炊いたバスマティ米。いつもはタイ料理ならタイ米ですが、 昨日のHello Fresh のセットにレンジでチンするバスマティ米がついていました。このレンジでチンのご飯、ちょっと少なめ。なので、別にバスマティ米を少し炊いておきましたが、少ししか使わなかったので今日のランチに。あとで気づきましたが、前回入れて美味しかった日本のレシピで作ったと言うソーセージを入れ忘れました、残念!なくても美味しかったですが、入れるともっと美味しかったのに。

So, the first meal we had at this table was fried rice.  I stir-fried it with onion, cabbage and green onion, seasoned it with Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese Worcestershire sauce.  The rice is basmati rice I cooked yesterday for the green Thai curry.  I would usually cook my own Thai rice for Thai curry but the Hello Fresh set came with a packet of ready cooked Basmati rice that you just microwave. I often find the amount of rice in their meals isn’t quite enough so I cooked some from our stock and used some for last night, but there was a lot left. That was why today’s lunch was fried rice. I remembered later that I forgot to add some Japanese style sausages. Such a shame! It was good without but would have been even more delicious if I’d remembered them.

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