Potato Salad Sandwich





Today’s lunch was Potato Salad Sandwich, just some potato salad and Romain lettuce between slices of the bread that we made in our bread baking machine.

Yesterday, when I made Potato Dauphinoise to go with the steaks I used one and a half potatoes.  As I’d already peeled the 2nd potato, I didn’t want to waste the other half so decided to make a potato salad but then I thought that a half wasn’t enough and added one more.  It made a large amount of potato salad, we’ll be having the same sandwich tomorrow again!

For the potato salad, I roughly mashed boiled potato, added some slices of onion, some slices of small type of cucumber (sliced, salted and squeezed of some of the water), Japanese mayonnaise (which is much lighter and a little more acidic than English mayonnaise), lemon juice, salt & pepper.  We would usually add some cooked and chopped carrot and chopped ham but I couldn’t be bothered to cook carrot just for this and we had no ham.

The bread is the one we baked in our bread baking machine.  We used one of the crust slices from the end so shared this, using a half in each sandwich.  I see many English people leaving the crusts in cafes but I love crust of our bread – although I admit I don’t like the crusts you often get in England in general, somehow they’re chewy and dry.



We bake bread just following the standard basic loaf recipe but the crust is crispy, and the inside is soft but chewy at the same time – it’s really good.  Since the lockdown, we’ve been baking this a few times a week.  I hope we’ll find strong flour soon or we’ll run out.


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