House Renovation – Cloakroom


Back to the house renovation – this time, it’s the downstairs cloakroom.  It was just a white box before.



For a cloakroom, it is a good size but it still is a small space and it’s not a place where anyone would spend a lot of time in, so we chose a dramatic wall paper to have some fun.  The bottom half has panelling, painted in a colour that is a little purplish brown – the colour is very hard to show on a photo.



We were going to have a round mirror above the sink but apparently the interior decorator forgot so the rectangular mirror was left on the wall.  We are planning to change the mirror when the next work can start.  We were going to leave the sink but now we want to change it to a little larger one.  We are thinking of putting quite a few black and white photos on the walls.  For some reason they hadn’t put the toilet paper holder back, so we are using the toilet paper stand that we bought for the guest’s room, but I think they had black ones as well in the department store. I have a feeling a black one would look better here.


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