Sticky Mango Chicken Wrap (with Spiced Red Pepper and Potato Wedges)


This is the Easter weekend, but of course there is no fun things going on under the circumstances.


Another lovely sunny & warm weather today, but it still gets quite cool in the morning and evening.  My husband was working hard again from early in the morning to set up the mowing robot but wasn’t able to finish before tea time, he’ll finish it off tomorrow, then I can introduce you to this robot.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Sticky Mango Chicken Wrap (with Spiced Red Pepper and Potato Wedges)」(スティッキー・マンゴー・チキンラップ(スパシーな赤パプリカとポテト・ウェッジ)。ファヒータのような感じで、味付けがカレー風味。名前からマンゴーとチキンを包むのかと思ったら、マンゴーはマンゴーチャツネでした。しかもそのマンゴーチャツネ、忘れられていました。マンゴーチャツネはカレーの時に使うので、先日買い物先で見つけたので買っておきました。

Today’s dinner was Sticky Mango Chicken Wrap (with Spiced Red Pepper and Potato Wedges)」from Hello Fresh.  It’s like a chicken fajita but the filling is flavoured with curry powder.  From the name I assumed we’ll have a mango but it was mango chutney – disappointed…  And they forgot to include the mango chutney.  I use it when I make curry so we bought a small jar the other day when we were out.


You sauté chicken and red pepper, add shallot and keep cooking until chicken is cooked, then add a mixture of garlic, lemon zest, curry powder and mango chutney.  You spread a little mixture of mayonnaise and mango chutney on a tortilla, put some shredded lettuce, the chicken & red pepper mixture, then coriander and wrap it up to eat.  In the recipe they filled tortillas with them and put them on a plate but we assembled at the table as we ate.  There is still a little filling left so we’ll have it tomorrow for lunch.  Potatoes were just cut, seasoned and oiled and baked in the oven.






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