More Robots Than Humans


My husband completed the set up for the mowing robot, Husky, our 3rd new member of the family – so there are now more robots than humans in our family! He runs quietly enough for us to still be able to enjoy the birdsong. As the lawn was growing fast since the weather got better he has to work very hard at the moment, but once it’s short enough he’ll have to do just a little work every day. What has been cut is just spread on the lawn, which is supposed to be good for it. Like Roomba, he can be controlled with a smartphone and when he finishes his job or when he needs more battery he will go back to his charging station on his own.


My brother-in-law had trouble with understanding why my husband wanted this robot when our garden is quite small, but my husband just loves gadgets, things like this give him so much pleasure, so why not? It is also very convenient that our lawn will be looked after by the robot even in the rain, or in a heatwave – even when we are not here.

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