Thai-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice)


It was another warm beautiful day although it did feel a little chilly and I needed a jumper to have tea at the garden table because it’s in the shade.  It also does cool down a lot in the evening.  Days are getting longer and longer, today’s sunset was 7.53pm, so it was still quite light outside when we had dinner.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Thai-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice)」。呼び名は違いますが、以前の「アジア風ビーフ(パプリカ、さやいんげん入り、ふんわりご飯と一緒に」」と同じでした。ビーフミンチと玉ねぎと赤パプリカを炒めたところに生姜のすりおろしを加え、タイスパイスミックス、ケチャップマニス、チキンストックパウダー、水、さやいんげんを加えて少しにて、ライムジュースとコリアンダーを加えます。まぁ、ナンとなくタイっぽいという感じのお料理ですが、それなりに美味しいです。

Today’s dinner was “Thai-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice)”, which is, I think, exactly the same as “Asian-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice”.  You sautee mince beef, onion, red pepper, until vegetables are soft, add grated ginger, Thai spice mix, Ketjap manis, water, chicken soup stock and mongetout and cook until mongetout is tender enough.  Add lime juice and coriander and it’s done.  It does have some Thai-like flavour, we enjoyed it.










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