Steak Again

昨日、Petworth のお肉屋さんに行ったときリブアイがあったので購入し(前回はサーロインしかなかったのです)、今日のディナーはステーキになりました。お肉屋さんに行くとついついまとめて買ってしまって、たくさんお肉を食べることに。前回同じお肉屋さんに行って当日だったか翌日だったかにステーキをしたのが10日ほど前、ちょっと早すぎでしたが。

When we went to the butcher in Petworth, where this time they had Ribeye steaks so we decided to get a couple and have them for dinner today.  As we want to get meat in a proper butcher’s rather than in a supermarket as much as we can, we tend to to buy a larger amount than we probably should when we go there.  The last time when we went there about 10 days ago we bought steak, too.  A little too soon, but we don’t do this often.


As always, my husband cooked it using Sous Vide (Anova), seared outside then made a red wine and pink pepper sauce.  It was tender and very good.  I had a little more than a half and I will have the left-over tomorrow for lunch in a sandwich.

わたしは、付け合わせの係。人参の塩茹で、キャベツとニンニクの蒸し炒め、ヨルサレム・アーティチョークとポテトのドーフィノア(グラタン)。少し前に Piket というところからお野菜と果物を購入しデリバリーしてもらったのですが、ヨルサレム・アーティチョークも選べたのでオーダーしてみました。レストランで食べたことはありますが、家で扱うのは初めて。ヨルサレム・アーティチョークだけだと少し足りなかったので、ポテトも1個使いました。玉ねぎ、ヨルサレム・アーティチョーク、バターと塩胡椒を何層にも重ねて、クリームと牛乳を半々くらい注いで火にかけて沸騰したら180度のオーブンで50分くらい。最初の10分で水分が吹きこぼれてしまったので、酷い見かけになってしまいましたが、中身は美味しかったです。

I was in charge of side dishes.  Boiled carrot, stir-friend cabbage with garlic, Potato Dauphinoise using mostly Jerusalem artichoke (but we didn’t have quite enough so I added 1 small potato).  We ordered some vegetables and fruits from “Pikt” which included some Jerusalem artichokes.  I’ve had them in restaurants before but this was I think the first time I cooked with them at home.  I layered thinly sliced onion, potato/Jerusalem artichoke, salt, pepper & butter for a few layers, then poured in whipping cream and milk (about half and half), put the whole dish on heat and let it come to boiling, then transferred it to 180C oven and cooked for 50 minutes or so.  Unfortunately, it overflowed badly in the first 10 minutes and the dish was looking disgusting but it was very good.


We used the Noritake plates that we very seldom use these days because the set looks quite formal and also the dinner plates are too small for modern way, it looks too cramped.







After we started eating, I remembered I’d forgotten the cabbage!  Glad I remembered it then, it would have been so sad if we’d forgotten it completely until we’d finished our dinner.





I miss having some flowers on the dining table so I cut some Mexican Orange Blossom from our garden.


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