先ほどアップした記事にちょこっと書きましたが、今日から来週火曜日までHello Freshの食材がない日が続くので、今日は買い出しに出かけてお肉屋さんでソーセージやポークやミンチ肉、リブアイを買ってきました。ポークはお友達がフェイスブックにアップされていた、お味噌とお酒とみりんのマリネに浸けて冷凍、リブアイとソーセージと牛ミンチの半量は真空パックで冷蔵庫に入れて、今日は買ったミンチの半量で夫が久しぶりにムサカを作ってくれました。イギリスに来てから Hello Fresh をとっているので自分たちで考えて作る夕食が減って、これまでずっと良く作っていたものがあまり登場しなくなっていて、ムサカもこちらに来て初めて。

Like I wrote in the previous post, we needed to get some food for our meals until our next Hello Fresh delivery, which is on Tuesday.  We bought sausages, pork loin, mince beef and rib eye steaks. I marinaded the pork loin and froze them while my husband vacuum packed the sausages, the steaks and half the mince beef. The other half of the mince beef he used to make a Moussaka.  Since we moved to England we’ve been using Hello Fresh quite a lot so we have fewer meals that we think of by ourselves, and many of the meals we used to make seem to have been forgotten, Moussaka is one of them.


Moussaka is one of the meals my husband has been cooking often for so many years since we got married.  Since we moved to England we have always been cooking together, so I was going to be his assistant but he told me he didn’t need me – so I did ironing and wrote a blog etc while he cooked.








Excellent!  Thank you to my hubby!  We also had some cheese after this.  We ate a little more than a half of the Moussaka so there is enough for lunch tomorrow.


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