Oh, No…. More Boxes….!


As it got a bit cold after our lunch, I came back into the house and was doing something, when my husband came and said “Guess what I found!”.  He’d found some boxes in the garden shed that said “dishes” on them.  We had been wondering where were many of our dishes and kitchen stuff that we hadn’t found.  Now we remember my husband moved the boxes from the kitchen to the storage in the garden shed (the previous owner of the house had a storage built in there specially for his books) before we left for the renovation because there was some room (we did ask our movers to put the boxes of books in there), but we didn’t realise how many.  There were about 25 boxes!  We opened about 15 of them today and left the rest for tomorrow as we ran out of time and energy.


I don’t know where we are going to store all these dishes and kitchen stuff, though.  We were going to have a pantry, where we can put some overflow dishes and kitchen stuff in the craft room once the garage is renovated, but it looks like it won’t happen any time soon.  Oh dear….!


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