My First Gardening – Re-Potting Herbs & Salad Leaves


After having a quick sandwich lunch, we worked on the boxes that were left from yesterday and finished just around tea time – 4.15pm.  I managed to put away most of the crockeries.  When we lived in Asia I used to have lunch or dinner parties quite often with quite a few friends so we used to buy 6 – 8 sets of dishes so that there would be enough for 6 people at least even when we break one or two, but it doesn’t look like we can have any parties here for a long time.  Besides, even without this special situation, it’s not as if I can invite many friends here, so except a couple of sets, I kept just 2-4 of everything in the dining room and the kitchen and put the rest away in another place.  There are still a few boxes of kitchen stuff but they are the ones that either don’t have a place to be stored until the pantry is made or they need some boxes or baskets or some sort of storage items because they aren’t large pieces.  I’ll take time to decide what to do with them.


So, that made us feel better and we had tea in the garden around 4.30pm, when we started talking about the herbs and salad leaves I bought online the other day.  I noticed that they tend to become dry very quickly after watering and some of them needed watering more than once a day because the small pots they came in were full with roots and the soil had gone very tough, so we decided to re-pot them in the pots we bought the other day – and here they are.  I’m planning to plant some of them in the ground but I’ll wait until they are a little bigger.  Hope they’ll grow well.


We worked hard today and my back is aching!



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