Spanish Pork

今日のディナーは、夫の得意料理の1つのスペイン風ポークの煮込み。Delia Smith の昔の本からのレシピのグリーンのパプリカを赤のパプリカに変えて作っています。結婚した当初からずっとよく登場していましたが、イギリスに来てからは初めて。玉ねぎ、ポーク(今日はネックを使いました、シンガポールでもそうでしたが肩肉が買えないことが多いです)赤ワイン、缶トマト、赤パプリカ、黒オリーブが入っている、ポークのトマト煮込みです。ご飯と一緒にいただきました。美味しかったです。

Today’s dinner was one of my husband’s favourites to cook, Spanish Pork from Delia Smith’s old cookbook (but we changed green pepper to red pepper).  He often cooked this on Saturdays from the early days in our marriage until we left Singapore but this might be the first time we had it since we moved to England.  It has onion, pork (we used neck as they didn’t have shoulder, it seems difficult to get pork shoulders in Singapore and here), red wine, tinned tomato, red pepper & black olives.  Basically it’s a pork casserole with tomato sauce.


Since we moved to England, as my husband isn’t working, I lost the sense of what day of the week it is, but we were still going out for dinner on Fridays and that gave me a sense of a weekend. Since the lockdown, we cannot go out for dinner and we have no set routine so we’be lost the sense of weekends, too.  However, today it felt like a Saturday because my husband used to cook this on Saturdays often.




食事の後は、チーズ。毎食ということではありませんが、ちょっとご馳走というとき、お腹がちょっと物足りない時、赤ワインが少し残っていて飲んでしまいたい時などは食後にチーズをいただきます。今日のチーズは、Petworth のデリで買ったロング・スティルトンと Coulommiers というブリーに似た白カビチーズ。スティルトンはちょっと熟成が進みすぎている気がしますが、Coulommiers は今一番美味しい時、という感じ、ねっとりした食感で美味しかったです。

After dinner, we had cheese and biscuits.  We don’t always have cheese after a meal but we have it when we cook something a little special or when the meal is light or when we want to finish red wine.  Today’s cheeses were Long Clawson Stilton and Coulommiers, bought from Petworth’s Hungry Guest Deli.

The Stilton was a little too ripe but Coulommiers was at its best, I loved the sticky texture as well.


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