Snap Dragon

今日は朝少し雨がぱらついたそうですが(わたしは寝ていました 笑)今は陽がさしていてお天気は結構良いのですが、とても風が強くて、お庭日和ではない感じ。イギリスに来て案外風が強い日が多いなと思っています。ここは海に比較的近いせいもあるのでしょうか。そして、最近あまり小鳥を見ない気がします。気候がよくなってきて自然の中に食べるものがあるせいなのか、それとも最近餌の場所や中身を変えたせいなのか。。。小鳥の声は聞こえているのですが、餌を食べているところをあまり見かけなくなり寂しいです。

Apparently it rained just a little in the morning, my husband told me (though I was still asleep), but now I can see the sun shining now and again and some blue bits of the sky, but it is very windy and not really comfortable to sit outside.  I must say it seems to get windy more than I expected, maybe it’s being relatively close to the sea.  Another thing we are noticing is that we don’t see many little birds coming to the feeders. I don’t know if it’s because we moved the feeding station and added some different feeds or it’s because it is warm and there are more things to eat in the nature.  We still hear them but don’t see many of them – and we miss them.


The snap dragons that arrived on Tuesday were looking floppy on that day as they were out of water for a few hours, but they looked much better on the following day and the flowers are opening up slowly towards the tops of them, the colours are graduated from orange to yellow, quite pretty.  I wrote that I’m not a big fan of snap dragons and even less of a fan of orange but now that I’ve been seeing them for a few days I am starting to think they look quite pretty.  I have quite clear likes and dislikes regarding flowers but I often end up getting attached to them after a few days.  They are about 3/4 up the tops so I think they’ll look good for a few more days.


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