Yakisoba (With Spaghetti)




Another beautiful day, up to 22C.  It’ll go down to 13C, though tonight.  So far, even when the temperature goes quite high during the day it does go down quite low in the evening, which is great, so the rooms downstairs are cool.  However, the bedrooms upstairs get quite warm even at night.

For lunch, if there are no left-overs from the day before, we often have a sandwich or  avocado toast, but we tend to have some kind of noodles if there is no bread.  Today, we had Yakisoba using spaghetti.  I used Japanese style sausages (from the freezer),  bean sprouts (also from the freezer), cabbage and onion – so the colour had gone all brown and maybe not so appetising, but it tasted yummy.



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