Peri Peri Pork and Blackbean Stew with Garlicky Chorizo Ciabatta

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh 「Peri Peri Pork and Blackbean Stew with Garlicky Chorizo Ciabatta」でした。ポークのミンチとチョリソを炒めてペリペリスパイスを加え、ニンニクを加え、パックのトマト、ブラックビーンズ、お水、赤ワインストック、お砂糖を加え、5、6分弱火で煮て、最後にオーブンで焼いたグリーンのパプリカを加えて出来上がり。

Today’s dinner was “Peri Peri Pork and Blackbean Stew with Garlicky Chorizo Ciabatta” from Hello Fresh.  You stir-fry mince pork and chorizo, add Peri Peri spice mix, garlic, a pack of tomato, black beans, water, red wine stock pot & sugar and simmer for 5 or 6 minutes, then add green pepper that you have baked in the oven.


I didn’t add any salt but it was, for me, too salty – I guess from the chorizo.  Although I added sugar, it was also too sour for me from a large quantity of tomato (pack).  It wasn’t my favourite.  The Ciabatta also has chorizo on, which is also very salty.  It tasted just as I imagined from the recipe.  My husband seemed to have enjoyed it, though.  I would reduce the amount of tomato, add onion and maybe some other vegetables to add some extra flavour.





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