Thai Beef Salad


Using last night’s left-over beef, we made a Thai beef salad for lunch .  It may not be authentic, because I didn’t have the recipe on hand and didn’t want to spend time searching for it, and also I wanted to use what we have in the fridge.

ビーフの他に使ったのは、ロメインレタス、ロケット、トマト、きゅうり、黄色のパプリカ(本格的なタイ料理には入れないと思いますが、彩りに)、ミント、コリアンダー。 玉ねぎと青ネギも入れるつもりだったのに、忘れてしまいました。ドレッシングはナンプラーとライム汁を同量かライム汁がやや多め、お砂糖少し、唐辛子のフレーク。少しだけ、冷凍ご飯を解凍してご飯と一緒に。

As well as thinly sliced beef, we used Romaine Lettuce, Rocket (not Thai at all, I know, but I like it), tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper (again not Thai), mint & coriander leaves.  I was going to use onion and green onion but forgot.  The dressing is the same amount of Thai fish sauce and lime juice (or I tend to use a little more lime juice than fish sauce), a little sugar and dried chilli flakes.  We also had a small amount of rice as we had a pack in the freezer.

サラダとご飯って変な気がするかもしれませんが、サラダといっても本当の意味でのサラダではなく、タイではおかずなのでご飯といただく方がしっくりします。久しぶりのタイの味、美味しかったです!Hello Fresh のタイ料理はナンプラーを使わないせいか、タイっぽい味にはなっていますがやっぱり違います。タイ風のサラダは、基本、ナンプラーとライム汁と同量、お砂糖少しと覚えておくと便利だと思います。そこにニンニクのみじん切りが入ったり、唐辛子が入ったり、という感じです。わたしはライム汁を少し多めにすることが多いです。

It may sound strange to have rice with a salad but in Thai cuisine these “salads” aren’t eaten as salads, they are eaten as one of the several dishes you have with rice at a meal so it seems natural to have it with some rice – it does go well.  We enjoyed it very much as we haven’t had Thai food for a while.  The Thai dishes we get from Hello Fresh are quite different from real thing, they are good but without fish sauce it doesn’t taste quite Thai.  When you want to make a Thai salad, the dressing is basically the same amount of fish sauce and lime juice with a little sugar, it’s something useful to remember.  Then you can add garlic or/and chilli etc depending on the ingredients of the salad or style.  I tend to use a little more lime juice than fish sauce as I like it quite fresh tasting.



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