ふと急にベーグルが食べたくなって、スーパーのオンラインオーダーの時に探してみたらあったのでオーダーしてみました。スーパーのブランドのものと New York Bakery Co と2種類あり、New York Bakery Co を買ってみました。

I don’t know why but I suddenly wanted to have bagels, so I searched on Sainsbury’s and found their own brand and New York Bakery Co’s so I ordered the ones New York Bakery Co.


My husband had one with cream cheese (Boursin’s garlic flavour) and the other smoked salmon & onion, I had one with cream cheese and the other with Parma ham & onion.  I prefer bagels toasted so we toasted them all.






Ummm….., the texture is quite different from real ones.  It’s so hard to find good bagels outside the US.


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