Today’s Ploughman’s – Light Lunch


I thought it was supposed to be good weather today, but it was very cloudy in the morning and started to get better later in the afternoon.  We wanted to go out today, but the carpenter came to install closets in my dressing room so it has been delayed.  He will finish it off tomorrow, then the other half will be done in 3 weeks.  If there hadn’t been this lockdown, it would have been done a few months go, I don’t know how come it’s taking so long, I’m guessing he was working on other projects.  Well, the 2nd phase of the renovation has been delayed so much that we stopped caring really…


We were going to make sandwiches using the left-over chicken from last night for lunch today, but there wasn’t enough bread for 2 sandwiches so we had a Ploughman’s again.  This time, we used 3 cheeses (Cheddar, Stilton, Gorgonzola Dolce), snack pork pie, Parma Ham, tomatoes, left-over chicken, cucumber, Branston Pickles, homemade pickles and chicken liver pate (not enough room on the board).





The pickles in the glass cup are from what I made yesterday.  Pickles are useful but we don’t eat a lot of them so I hadn’t made it for a long time, but I thought it’ll be good to have a little when we have this sort of board.  I followed a recipe on Youtube but I find it a little too sour for me, so I will add some sugar and post it again when the taste is more what I like.  The vegetables used are carrot, cucumber, celery, tomato, cauliflower, onion.





The occipital neuralgia I have this time hasn’t been too bad (touch wood!), taking painkillers twice a day has been keeping it under control.  Hopefully it’ll be gone soon.



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