Garden Update


We finally had a couple of gardeners come to tidy up our gardens.  We did contact them a couple of months or so ago and one of them came to have a look one day but the earliest day they could come and do the work was today.  They got rid of all the weeds, got rid of overflowing bamboos (they are in pots in the ground but it looks like they have burst and there were quite a lot of them coming up outside the area), and cut back a lot of plants.  The photos may not show so much difference but in real eye both the front garden and the back garden look very different and much nicer.


The gardeners are still very busy and won’t have time to come back for another month but they said they would get the flowers/plants that we want if we let them know in advance








In spring and early summer we had quite a lot of flowers like mock orange and rhododendrons but now we don’t have a lot of flowers out.  In the front garden, the lavenders are completely finished (so the gardeners cut them down) so just white roses are out and in the back garden, there are just a few purplish pink roses and a few dark pink fuchsias and some pink hydrangeas and red roses where we cannot see from the house.   We would like a lot more flowers all year around – as long as they don’t take too much work other than what the gardeners can do – so we’ll think about it and request them to get them for us.


These are not from our garden but they are in the green in front of us – the fruits I have blogged before.  They are growing and look like some of them can be eaten although I don’t think anyone is picking them.  Sadly the crab apples look like some of them are going off.  My brother-in-law told me the other day that we need to get rid of some of them at an early stage so they aren’t so clumped together.














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