Thai Style Veggie Curry (with Jasmine Rice)

今日のディナーは、「Thai Style Veggie Curry (with Jasmine Rice)」(タイ風野菜カレー、ジャスミンライスと)でした。入るお野菜は、カリフラワー、グリーンのパプリカ、絹さや、そして青梗菜ですが、夫が嫌うので代わりに家にあったブロッコリーとスナップエンドウを入れました。でも、お野菜たっぷりだったので、代わりのものはいらなかったかも。カリフラワーは大きなのが丸ごと1つ来ていたので、4分の1くらいはローストした状態で残しておきました。

Today’s dinner was “Thai Style Veggie Curry (with Jasmine Rice)”.  Vegetables used are cauliflower, green pepper, mangetout and Bak Choi, but my husband hates Bak Choi so we used broccoli and sugar snap peas from our fridge instead – but we probably didn’t need to add any as there was so much vegetables already.  They gave us a whole cauliflower so we kept about 1/4 for later after roasting it all.


You roast cauliflower in the oven with Thai spices, salt, pepper & oil.  In a pan, you sauté green pepper in oil until it colours, then add yellow curry paste and sauté for another minute, then add the other vegetables, coconut milk and water (a little more than what the recipe says) and cook in medium-low heat until the vegetables are done.  I like mangetout and sugar snap peas with crunch so I added them much later, just a few minutes before the cauliflower was done.  Then add cauliflower, salt, pepper & soy sauce, turn the heat off, add lime juice and coriander leaves.  It had a kick to it and was very tasty.





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