Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl (with Green Beans, Coriander and Rice)


It was nice and sunny today, but the temperature didn’t go very high and it was windy so it was on the cool side.  The days are getting shorter and shorter, it’s pitch dark now (9.15pm).  Today’s sunset was 8.38pm, so it was quite dark by 9.00.  It was still quite light around 9.30pm just a month or so ago,

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl (with Green Beans, Coriander and Rice)」でした。多分ガッパオが元になっているのだと思いますがバジルが入らないですし辛くないので、中華っぽいです。何度かオーダーしていて毎回書くのに忘れてしまいます、それなりに美味しいですが、バジルを加えて唐辛子を増やした方が美味しいはず。ポークミンチ、エシャロット、グリーンビーンズ、ニンニク、赤唐辛子、コリアンダーが入り、ソースはケチャップマニスとお醤油。いつものことですがフィッシュソースではなくお醤油が味付けのベースなので、あまりタイっぽくならないんですよね。分量のソースを加えると味が濃すぎるので少し減らして、味見をしたらお醤油味が強かったので少しだけお砂糖を加えました。

Today’s dinner was “Thai Style Pork Rice Bowl (with Green Beans, Coriander and Rice)” from Hello Fresh. I guess this is inspired by Stir-fried Pork with basil but no basil and not spicy and they use soy sauce rather than fish sauce so it’s more Chinese than Thai, I would say.  We say this every time when we have this but we really should add one more chilli – it comes with one and we use the whole chilli including the seeds but we cannot feel any heat at all – and add basil.  It has mince pork, shallots, green beans, garlic, red chilli & coriander and the sauce is a mixture of Ketjap Manis and soy sauce.  We find that if we add all the sauce it’s much too salty so we left some behind and added a little sugar.


It comes with Basibati rice rather than Jasmine rice but we used the Jasmine rice that we have.  I remember I wasn’t able to buy Jasmine rice from Sainsbury’s online, it was always out of stock, so bought it on Amazon in the end.  I guess they cannot get hold of Jasmine rice.







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