Today’s Ploughman’s – Light Lunch


As forecasted, it’s very hot today, the temperature is now 27C.  The humidity is very low (about 50%), so it’s quite comfortable if you are sitting in the shade or are inside, but I get hot when I do anything much.  I wish we had an aircon unit in the kitchen but there is no wall we can install on.  Still, it is bearable downstairs.


Today’s lunch was Ploughman’s. It isn’t very different each time, but today we had tomato, 2 kinds of salami, Parma ham, pork pie, fig, rocket, 2 cheeses (Stilton & Boursin Garlic), grapes & Branston Pickles.  I should have added the pickles I made, I always forget to!


It looks like this heatwave will last about a week, it’s expected to go up to 32C on Saturday even here and 36C in London tomorrow.  That’ll be uncomfortable….





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