It’s gone up to 29C as expected, but is quite cloudy with some blue bits so it doesn’t feel so hot.  It surprisingly feels quite comfortable if you are just sitting around although I get hot quickly when I do anything.  My husband and I decided it’s Pimm’s weather and had it at tea time rather than waiting before dinner because we get busy and forget to have pre-drink with cooking.  Today we put cucumber, blueberries and orange in.  The last time when we made it it was a little too sweet for us, so this time we mixed some sparkling water as well as the lemonade.


Oh, I bought these double walled glasses.  I’ve been wanting to get some double walled glasses but they take space as you cannot put one on top of another…  but it’s great that you don’t get that awful condensation outside the glass when you use it for cold drinks.



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