Hot Dog Sandwich – Light Lunch


Today’s lunch was sandwiches with hot dog filling.  We grilled just one side of sliced bread and put a little ketchup on the non-grilled sides.  Then we put on Japanese style sausages (that I buy online from London) which I had sautéed in a frying pan, plus stir-fried cabbage with a little curry powder, then a little mustard on the sausages, and finally the top slice of bread.


When I was a child, my Mum used to make ‘hot dogs’ for lunch on Sunday now and again and this is how she used to do them although of course she used hot dog buns.  This came up in the conversations with my friends a few times, I thought this was a Japanese style hot dog but some of my friends didn’t have cabbage sauteed with curry powder. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the area we grew up (there are quite a lot of differences depending on which area of Japan you are from) or age.



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