I wanted to bake some other bread with the new bread machine, so we tried Brioche.  I’ve baked Brioche using a bread machine a couple of times when we lived in Japan, but didn’t bake it often as I don’t have breakfast and don’t often have a chance to have sweet bread, but I do remember it was very good and so wanted to try with this new machine.

説明書についてきたレシピの材料に「スキムミルク 大さじ2」というのがあります。全部調べてはいませんが、これまで焼いていたパンはどれも液体のミルクでmlで記入されているのにこれは大さじ2となっているので、スキムミルクの粉のことではないかと思うのですがないので、お水の量の半分ちょっとを液体のミルクに置き換えて作ってみました。良い感じに焼けました。卵とお砂糖を増やしても良いかも。

We just followed the recipe that came with the machine’s manual except for where it said “2 tbs skimmed milk”.  When it is liquid milk it usually shows in “ml” but it says 2 tbs so I’m assuming that they mean the powdered version, but we don’t have that so we just used 100ml of milk and reduced the amount of water.  It came out very nice.  We thought we could maybe add more egg and sugar but it was very tasty.





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