Food Cover


In England there are no cockroaches, which is wonderful as I really really hate them like so many people do.  Also we don’t need to worry about ants coming indoors and get to food like they do in Singapore.  However, little flying insects like wasps, flies & tiny little insects that like fruits have been bothering me since it got hot, I really hate insects… I don’t know about London but I think in most places in the UK you get these little flying insects in the summer.  I remember a friend of mine from England I met in Hong Kong was often saying how she hates these insects here and how she loves that we don’t get them in Hong Kong.  We used to have flies in Japan when we were small but I don’t think we get them much these days.  In Singapore and Hong Kong they are always spraying or fogging for killing insects so we hardly got any.  At least these flying insects here don’t bit us like mosquitoes – but I still hate them.


We can try to stop them getting on food when the food is in front of us but sometimes you put meals on the table and you may be doing some other things in the kitchen – then you don’t know what is going on in the dining room so we try to cover the food with a cling wrap or kitchen cloth but they don’t always work and I don’t like wasting cling film – so I bought these food covers.  5 came as a set, 3 different sizes with 3 of the smallest onej.  They are quite convenient and great to cover the fruits we always have on the kitchen island.  The table setting looks lovely with them – not!








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