Mexican Style Beef Enchiladas (with Roasted Peppers and Wedges)


今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の 「Mexican Style Beef Enchiladas (with Roasted Peppers and Wedges)」(メキシコ風ビーフのエンチラーダ、ローストパプリカとオーブンポテト添え)でした。ビーフを炒めて塩胡椒して、メキシカンスパイスを加えてすこsh炒め、パックのトマトとビーンズを加え、塩胡椒して水分がなくなるまで煮詰め、最後にシャンツァイを加えたものをトルティーヤで巻いて耐熱容器に並べ、上からチーズをのせてオーブンで焼きます。付け合わせはのポテトとパプリカもオーブンで焼いて添えて出来上がり。家にあったトウモロコシも添えました。

The strong wind finally stopped but it wasn’t good weather, it was either raining or very grey all day until evening, when the sun showed up.  It felt a bit chilly in the bathroom this morning, the first time in a while – as we have no heating on at the moment.

Today’s dinner was “Mexican Style Beef Enchiladas (with Roasted Peppers and Wedges)” from Hello Fresh.  You sauté minced beef with salt & pepper, add Mexican spice and sauté a little more, then add tomatoes (in a pack) and beans (in a tin) and cook until it thickens, then add some coriander leaves.  You put some of this filling on a tortilla, roll it up, line them up in a gratin dish, put some cheese on top and bake it in the oven until nice and brown.   Potato wedges and orange peppers are also cooked in the oven.  We also cooked the sweet corn that we bought the other day.



My husband liked it very much, but I didn’t like it as much as he did. I’m not a fan of whole wheat tortilla and I would have preferred to have a salad rather than oven potatoes, which makes it very heavy.  I just managed to finish one.  There is a lot of filling left….





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