Chilli Con Carne (from Left-Over)


It was extremely windy all day today again.  It’s not just normal strong wind, it’s like Typhoon in Hong Kong, quite unpleasant and you don’t even feel like going out in the garden.  I really didn’t expect so many windy days in England.


土曜日のポークラグーと日曜日のエンチラーダのフィリングが余っていたので、両方合わせてスパイスを足してチリコンカーニとしてディナーにしました。Hello Fresh は量が多い時が多く、何かしら残り物がある日が多いので「早く、あれ食べなきゃ!」と常に追いかけられているような(笑)。美味しかったので良いのですが、量が足りないかもと思い冷凍していたチリコンカーニを冷蔵庫で解凍してしまったので、明日のディナーもチリになりそうです(涙)。

There was left-over from Saturday dinner (Pork Ragu) and Sunday dinner (Enchilada), so we put them together, added a little more spice and had it as Chilli Con Carne with rice and a salad.  The meals from Hello Fresh often have very generous portions and we have left-overs often.  I shouldn’t complain but it feels like we are always trying not to let them go off.  It was good but we sillily defrosted another pack of Chilli Con Carne thinking what was left wasn’t enough but it was – so now it looks like we’ll have to have another Chilli Con Carne tomorrow (sigh…).





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