My weekly delivery of flowers this time was pale pink Lisianthus.  Very unexpected because to me Lisianthus are one of the flowers I would never choose to use because they are used everywhere for bouquets and arrangements, being inexpensive and long lasting in nature, they are fine as filling flowers but they aren’t the flowers that makes my heart melt.

In Japan, I see that they use some very improved versions of them for special bouquets, their flower heads are large and sometimes frilly and look very pretty.  These ones are what I’ve been seeing since I was little, nothing special.  Sorry to be so discriminating, but I was quite disappointed.  I do love many quiet looking flowers, but they look chic.  To me, these don’t.  I also don’t usually choose roses with some exceptions because I feel they are so common, but I would have enjoyed roses more.


All the hydrangeas had gone off except one pale pink one.  I treat them all in the same way but one by one they went limp and this is the only one that is still looking well.







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