Quick ‘n’ Sticky Beef


It was nice and sunny today, but quite cool, I guess the autumn is already here, it feels that way anyway.  It feels cold inside the house as well and I need more than just a T-shirt even during the day.  It’s a bank holiday today here but it doesn’t mean much to us, retired people.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Quick ‘n’ Sticky Beef」。あっという間に出来上がります。ビーフをタイスパイスでさっと炒めて一度取り出し、同じフライパンで赤玉ねぎとグリーンのパプリカ(ズッキーニも足しました)を炒め、ホイシンソースとお醤油を加えてさっと混ぜてビーフを戻し、温まったらシャンツァイを加えて出来上がり。以前作った時にお醤油辛く感じたので、ビーフを炒める時に少し紹興酒を使ったのと、調味料を加えた時に少しお砂糖も加えました。レシピにはなかったのですが、中華ってほとんど必ずお砂糖も少し加えるのですよね。美味しかったです。ただ、Hello Fresh の炒め物用のビーフはいつも硬いのが難点です。

Today’s dinner was “Quick ‘n’ Sticky Beef” from Hello Fresh, a very quick menu.  Stir-fry beef strips with Thai spice, take them out once browned and using the same pan stir-fry red onion, green pepper (and we also added some courgette) until a little soft, then add the seasonings (Hoisin Sauce & Soy Sauce), mix the sauce then add the beef back and let it get hot.  Add coriander and it’s done.  The last time when we cooked this I found it too soy saucey so this time I added a little Chinese wine and a little sugar.  I think Chinese cooking almost always needs a little sugar.  It was very good – except that the beef is too tough, their beef for stir-fry is always too tough.


The lisianthus were looking tired with dead flowers on the lower areas so I cut them shorter and made a smaller bouquet to make them look nicer.  I guess the condition wasn’t very good, they seem to be going without opening fully.











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