Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet)


Today’s dinner was Tonkatsu, which is Japanese pork cutlet cor which we used fillet.  I’m not very good at deep-frying, I almost always overcook them worrying about undercooking them and it was slightly overcooked today, too, but just slightly.  After searching recipes, I decided to cut the fillet very thick like some suggested and cut it into 4cm thick pieces, but I felt it was a bit too thick.  I quite like the crispy outside parts so when it’s so thick you don’t get much of it in terms of the ratio and also naturally it takes longer to cook.  Next time I’ll cut it thinner.  We had no cabbage so used lettuce but it doesn’t work so well.  In the miso soup I put onion, potato, courgette and sesame seeds (ground), courgette was nicer than I expected.  (Courgette isn’t a traditional Japanese vegetable.)









The days are getting shorter and shorter very quickly.  The sunset in June was around 9.30 but now it’s around 7.30.  Unlike in Asia, the difference of the length of a day between summer and winter is very large.

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