House Renovation – Dining Chairs


There hasn’t been much to update on our house renovation for a while, but there has been some progress in the last few weeks.  As I’ve already written, the painting of the walls re-started on Monday last week.  This decorator seems to work much faster than the previous one and there has been quite a good progress, the dressing room, then all the walls on the stairs and the guest bedroom have all been painted, he is now working on the small ensuite of the guest’s bedroom, I expect he’ll finish it soon.  Then he’ll move onto the hall, then my husband’s loft and the stairs to the loft and the utility room will be the last.  Once the garage is (finally) renovated into my craft room, hopefully he’ll paint that as well.


Now the dining chair covers have been finally done!  We brought the dining chairs that we’d been using for the last few years of our time in Hong Kong and all the years we were in Singapore because they seemed to still be fine, as long as we change the covers.  We need many chairs and chairs can be expensive, so we decided to bring them with us to our new home.  In our last few years in Singapore they were looking very grubby and I wanted to change them but knowing we’d be moving relatively soon I waited until we moved.  The dining room looks much nicer with the new covers.  Our interior designer brought a few samples from London a few weeks ago and we chose 2 of them, one with a pattern and one a plain velvet.  Apparently the pattern one has just come out in the market.  I feel it’s overwhelming to choose things like this because there are endless choices and we don’t know where to start, this is one of the reasons why we wanted to have an interior designer.  The only thing is that the particular fabrics we chose and having them made to measure ended up being quite expensive, maybe buying new chairs would have been cheaper.  We do love them, though.


The ones with the patterned fabric look quite impactful, more so than we imagined from a the small sample we saw, but we like them.  We have 8 chairs in total: 2 are covered with the plain chocolate colour fabric, and 6 are with the pattern fabric.  We don’t usually need 8 at the dining table at one time so we have only 6 there and are keeping 1 in my dressing room and 1 at my computer desk at the moment.


We are also waiting for the new curtains that we ordered with a plain fabric that is similar to the light colour part of the pattern fabric of the chairs.



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