Jacket Potato (with Chilli Con Carne)


Today’s dinner (supper) was Jacket Potato with Chilli Con Carne & cheese topping.  We decided to have Chilli Con Carne that we froze sometime ago but we had run out of Japanese rice (it arrived today but we didn’t know when it would come for sure), so I thought of making Jacket Potatoes.  Although we have made Jacket Potatoes a few times in the past, they were always as a side dish, this time as a main meal for the first time.


We baked them for about an hour and 15 minutes, I think it would have been even better if we baked 10 minutes or so longer to make the skin more crispy, but we did enjoy it.  We had it with a salad.  We ended up having just one potato each with more Chilli Con Carne topping.


The dining chair covers look quite pinkish on the photos, but they are dark Bordeaux colour and the plain one is Chocolate brown.  The napkins are also darker colour than the photo is showing.







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