House Renovation – Cloakroom


Although from the beginning we’d decided to put a large round mirror in the downstairs cloakroom, it wasn’t done during the time we moved out for the major renovation.  Then we decided we wanted to change the sink because it was too small to wash our hands so we changed it to a wider type a few weeks ago.  The mirror was finally hung the other day, too.  (There is a little work still necessary to cover the small gaps under the mirror with wallpaper).


We thought the two small frames on the back wall go so well with this wallpaper, but they also go really well with the new mirror, totally coincident but they look perfect together.  The pictures inside the small frames look like Washi paper.  We bought them in Hong Kong when we visited there from Kobe, so probably 25 years ago or so.  They were very inexpensive but we loved them because of the colours and the way how they are framed.  I think one of them has the 12 zodiac symbols but it’s hardly visible now, I guess the sun made it fade.  We decided to use them here as they still look good.


The picture on the right wall is one of the oil paintings I did in Hong Kong.  I really love this one, but it was sort of left on the floor after we chose which of our pictures to use throughout the house with our interior designer the other day, but just yesterday I thought maybe it will work here.  My husband and I decided we like it here, so he hung it today.



I love this room.  Although it is a bit unusual it has a classic feel to it as well, not too “out there”.    The wallpaper is wild, but all in all not too wild.










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