House Renovation – Master Bedroom


When I blogged some photos of the master bedroom previously, the beddings were white with grey borders, but today it’s pink (darker and more dusty pink than the photos are showing).  We also have a dark grey set and we rotate them.


A whole wall is taken up with wardrobes, so we don’t have much wall space in this room, either.  The wall that the bed is against has panelling, which I feel is better not to cover up with some picture.  There is a small wall on the window side near the bed and there we hung two small frames containing pieces of Batik from Bali.  We feel their colours go so well with the wall colour.





We also hung a picture on the other side of the room near the bathroom door.  We bought this wood print “Light of an Inn” at some event at the Kobe Club in Kobe when we lived there.  It’s very Japanese and both my husband and I love it.





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