Sausages & Mash


It’s Black Friday tomorrow.  I see that phrase even on Japanese sites, do they have a special sale in real shops as well?  Things have changed.  Until a couple of years ago I never paid any attention to this, but 2 years ago we went out on Black Friday and found out that the traffic was so bad and it was hard to get a taxi.  I think it’s from the US, but it seems to be the thing here as well these days.  I see a lot of English Youtubers are promoting special sales.  Although I do see a lot of things I would love to have, I feel reluctant to spend money on things like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories when we aren’t going out.  It looks like the season will have changed before we will be able to go out and meet people and I may want different things next winter.


Today’s dinner was Sausages & Mash, something very popular amongst English, especially in pubs.  We used sweet potatoes instead of usual potatoes for the mash today and had some sugar snap peas on the side as well.  The sausages are M&S’s Pork & Apple sausages that we like very much.  We had them with caramelised onion and gravy, really good.  I find sweet potatoes here aren’t very sweet and a bit watery but the are good when mashed.  Potatoes are carbohydrate but apparently sweet potatoes are regarded as a vegetable and good for you.  The sausages aren’t so big so we did cook 3 each but they were too much so we kept 1 each for a sandwich for tomorrow.





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