今日のディナーは、久しぶりにラクレットにしました。イギリスに引っ越して来てから初めてです。というのも、ラクレットチーズをスーパーでは見かけないのです。昨日、Arundel の食材店でピンクペッパー入りのラクレットチーズを見かけたので買ってみました。

We had Raclette for dinner today.  It’s been a long time since we had it last and this is the first time to have it here in England because we hadn’t found Raclette cheese in supermarkets.  We saw Raclette cheese with pink peppers in Pallent of Arundel yesterday so bought some.


Just like Cheese Fondue, we started having Raclette at home after our Swiss friend, who was living in Japan at the time, invited us to a Raclette party.  It was 30 years ago so there weren’t any Raclette grilles available in Japan at the time so we bought one in Hong Kong when we visited there and used it with a transformer to work with Japanese voltage.  We prefer Cheese Fondue but do like having Raclette now and again, too.


What we have with Raclette is almost the same as when we have Cheese Fondue except that we don’t include boiled carrots.  We use Ham, salami, cornichon, boiled new potatoes, a large salad as well as the toppings for the cheese such as chopped onion, paprika etc.  Today, I made a salad of persimmon and salad leaves and the usual salad of tomato, onion, pepper, salad leaves.  We had a half bottle of pink Champagne with the meal.


Just when we are going to sit at the table for dinner, the power of the whole downstairs of the house went off.  This has happened 3 times before and it was always when I used the waste disposal in the kitchen sink, but this time I wasn’t using it and we didn’t know what had caused the trip.  Fortunately, my husband had known where the breakers were etc from our previous experiences so we got the power back on quickly – but it happened again a few minutes later.  We worked out that it was the Raclette grill that was causing it.


I hear that sometimes electric appliances go wrong when you move, and I guess that’s what happened here.  It was 30 years old and I’ve actually been wanting to change to a smaller one as it was large round one for 8 people, we only need a small one for 2.  I realised that you only need a few even when you have it with a larger number of people because it takes only a few minutes to melt the cheese, you don’t need one little pan each.  Anyway, it took us a few minutes to come up with what to do, but we decided to use the new portable IH cooker that arrived yesterday. On this we put a frying pan, of which the handle comes off.  It was a little awkward but we managed.


So we need a new Raclette grille.  I just searched online for one for 2 but not a lot of choices.  I’ve seen one that is very cute in Japan before but at the time I decided not to buy it because we’ll need a transformer to use it.


Incidentally, I bought the portable IH cooker so we can have a Japanese hot pot.  We were using a portable gas cooker for that but when we moved I left it to someone in Singapore thinking we can easily buy a new one.  I’m sure I’ve searched online and seen one in a shop where you can buy Japanese groceries, but they don’t seem to have it any longer.  You can buy the same one on Amazon but it is so expensive for what it is.  So we decided to get the IH one.  I must say I would like to have a gas cooker as well just in case we ever have a problem with electricity.  I remember that when we had that awful big earthquake in Japan we weren’t able to use gas for many months and having an electric slow cooker was so useful.  It is better to have both if you can.  Hopefully we’ll get a BBQ soon.












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