House Renovation – From Garage to Craft Room


This is how the garage is looking at the moment.  The floor base including the underfloor heating has been done, the walls have been built, a new window hole has been made on the back wall (covered with a wooden panel right now), the electric work has been done (for ceiling lights, quite  a few wall sockets, and a floor socket).





These windows are on the shutter doors of the garage and we kept them, making new internal walls around them.  The rectangle hole on the wall on the right side is for the valves on the main water supply pipe, which need to accessible. There will be small door made to cover this and it will be hidden within bookcases later.




On the right side of the door from the corridor, there is a large cupboard with a boiler inside and you cannot move that, so we had a wall built next to the cupboard, we’ll put the second fridge/freezer in here and also some shelves or cupboard for storing food.




壁が乾いたら天井と壁塗りをしていただき、床材を貼っていただいて窓を入れたらとりあえず完成しますが、それから本棚を入れたり収納家具を入れる作業が残っていて、これが結構大変なのです。作り付けにしていただくつもりでいたのですが、費用が思っていたよりも随分高額になり、市販品でもかなりかかります。IKEAで購入すれば安くすむのですが 、IKEAの本棚は料理本は重いものがほとんどなので歪んでしまいますし、収納家具の奥行きだとどれも浅くて収納したいものが上手く収まらないのです。なので、ネットで何時間もかけて検索中。


When the walls and ceiling are plastered and dried they will paint them, then the new window will be put in and the floor boards laid, and the room will be done.  However, we’ll then need to furnish the room with book shelves/cases and storage furniture.   We were planning to have them made though we knew that was going to be expensive but we are finding out that it is much more than we expected.  The same for store-bought storage.  IKEA storage will be inexpensive but we don’t like their bookcases – we used them for many years in Asia but the shelves bend with lots of heavy cookery books, and their storage furniture is too shallow for what I need to store.  So I’ve been spending hours trying to find some suitable solution online.

We’ll measure the room properly, decide the measurements of bookshelves and storage furniture more in details and get quotes.


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