Ribollita (Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup)



Today’s dinner was Ribollita (Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup).  We made this soup (it’s more like a stew) a few weeks ago and liked it very much.  We used Jamie Oliver’s recipe as a base.  We had no Cavolo Nero today so we used Savoy cabbage instead but the rest is the same as the last time.

Incidentally, the bouquet of the orange roses is the subscription flowers this time.  Again they arrived one day late and they didn’t let us know that.  As the flowers are quite damaged, I did let the supplier know and asked them to at least let us know when a delivery is delayed.  They refunded the money to us, which is good of them, but that isn’t what we want.  We want the flowers in good conditions on the day that they are supposed to be delivered.  I understand with Covid things are difficult but at least they should let us know when there is a delay.







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