Quiche & Salad


It rained a lot today, very damp and cold – just what I think of winter in England.


The 2nd lockdown of England finished yesterday but the restriction is tighter than before lockdown overall.  Although where we live has very few number of people infected with coronavirus, it’s sitll tier 2 so we are not allowed to be with people from other households indoors.  Places like hair salons reopened, though, so I had my roots coloured today.  Even though we aren’t seeing many people showing the roots still bothers me a lot so I’m glad I was able to have them coloured.  However, I wasn’t able to get an appointment for a haircut until the middle of this month, so I have to wait for 2 more weeks, it’s gone so long…


Both my husband and I were in the “I cannot bother…” mode today, so we had M&S quiche and a salad.  The quiche was Caramelised Shallot, Cheddar & Emmental but the shallots were not sweet and it didn’t have much flavour overall.  In the salad, I put tomato, onion, yellow pepper, fig, pear & salad leaves.





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