Christmas Wreath




Although I’ve always made a Christmas wreath every year from our early days in Hong Kong after having had a lesson how in a flower class, but last year and this year I’ve bought them online.  I see quite a lot of Christmas wreaths I love online in Japan, but I don’t seem to be able to find much here.  In the end I ordered 2 from different flower shops.  I thought we’ll see what they look like in the flesh and decide which one to hang on the front door – and this is the one we chose.  The door looks white but is actually blue.  Sadly, we don’t use the main door, neither do the workers who are working on the renovation, so it’s only the delivery guys who see it.







The other one was bigger but its a bit flat and very simple, so we hung it on the door between the kitchen and the hall on the kitchen side.  I wish the feathers were longer, they would have made more of an impression.  I saw quite a lot of wreaths and Christmas trees decorated with (I think?) pheasant feathers.





I cannot believe it but it’s only 1 week until Christmas now!


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