Mulled Wine



I made mulled wine today.  I love the Christmassy smell you get when it’s being made.

いつも適当に作っていますが(ごくたまにしか作りませんが)、今日はレシピ検索して、Jamie Oliver のレシピを参考にし、お砂糖にスパイスやオレンジの皮とごく少量のワインを入れて5分ほど煮詰めてからあとのワインを加え温める、という方法で。オレンジの皮、八角、ベイリーフ、シナモン、クローブ、ナツメグを入れました。

I don’t make it often and usually I just put in a few spices and warm up the wine, but I did a little search online and read the recipe of Jamie Oliver.  He puts sugar with spices, pours just enough wine to cover the sugar, lets it come to boil and simmers for 5 minutes before pouring in the rest of the wine, so I followed that method.  I used orange rind, star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg today.


We didn’t cook dinner today and had just some canapé type of things that we bought on online supermarket  and just warmed them up in the oven and had it in front of the TV watching a film.  After this, we had a half bottle of Champagne.  As the mulled wine is very fragrant and sweet, I enjoy it more with something like mince pies than with a savoury, though.







As Boxing Day was on a Saturday, today (Monday, 28th) was a public holiday here.  I guess many people take holidays until early January but there are no public holidays this year.  The 1st of January is a public holiday and this year it’ll be a weekend after that so I guess the majority of people don’t go back to work until the 4th but they usually go back on the 2nd January.  Christmas is such an important event here but it doesn’t seem to involve many public holidays. Some offices close longer but you have to use your given yearly holidays. However, usually, a lot of people would be gathering with their families and friends and enjoying parties. (In Japan Christmas isn’t a pubic holiday and New Year public holiday is only the 1st January, but the majority of offices close from the 29th until the 3rd January, some longer and you don’t need to use your yearly holidays. For most people this is the busiest time of year, even those who don’t work are busy cleaning the whole house very thoroughly so your place is sparkling clean for the New Year, and cooking special New Year food, which is very time consuming.)



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