Beyond Burger


Today’s dinner was Beyond Burger, which is vegetarian fake beef burger.  I’ve had a similar burger – Impossible Burger a few times in Singapore but this was my first time to try Beyond Burger.  We made a sauce with Japanese mayonnaise, ketchup and sriracha sauce and added lettuce, onion, tomato and cornichon.


Maybe how you cook them makes some difference but in my experience Impossible Burgers were quite soft like finely minced beef, it was quite red inside and seemed to be mimicking rare hamburger.  Beyond Burger was more like a burger cooked all the way through. It has quite a meaty bouncy texture like roughly minced beef, more like beef than Impossible Burger.  As we added tomatoes, sauce etc I cannot say I was able to taste it much to be honest, but I don’t think these fake meats have much flavour.  It might be the way I cooked but Beyond Burger, I thought, had a bit of a charred taste like barbecued burger.


We thought it wasn’t bad.


They come frozen and you need to move them from freezer to fridge 24 hours in advance.  Apparently they keep after being defrosted for a few days.





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