House Renovation – Craft Room


So, the skirting boards in the craft room have been done.  Once they are completely dried, the carpenter will finish them off, tidying up the joints.  It doesn’t look very different on the photos from the last time but it looks much more like a finished room when you are in there.







We are going to buy some storage furniture but the carpenter will also build quite a lot of it.  He will build book shelves that will cover the largest wall and also some cabinets/shelves on the wall that has a window and also the opposite wall (we are going to buy some cabinets to reduce the time and the cost but the carpenter will make them look fitted).  There is a lot to do so I expect it’ll take a while.

で、購入する家具なのですが、毎日何時間もネット検索していました。はっきりとしたイメージがあったわけではないのですが、普通に例えば IKEA のようなところで購入したものではないもの、お部屋のアクセント的になりそうなもの、実用的でもあるもの、と思い、ヴィンテージのもの、またはヴィンテージ風のものを探していました。素敵なものはとても高価で手が出ませんし、素敵と思っても実用的でなかったり、やっと見つけたと思ってオーダーしたら「もう、売れてしまいました」というお返事だったり、お部屋に入れるのが難しそうなサイズだったり(廊下が狭くて階段もあるので大きな家具は入らない)。で、やっと、やっと、これなら良さそう、というものが見つかり、夫にオーダーしてもらったので、しばらくしたら届く予定です。楽しみ〜!

As for the furniture to buy, I’ve been spending hours every day for many weeks to find what I want.  I didn’t have a fixed image, I just wanted something different from what you would buy from a place like IKEA, something that will add some character to the room but would also be practical, and thought some vintage furniture or vintage style furniture would be good.  Many that I thought would look great were much too expensive, some weren’t very practical and one that we thought was ideal was already sold, we were told, when we contacted the seller.  Then we found another one that we thought would be great but then my husband realised it might be too large to move into the craft room (because the corridor outside is very narrow and we won’t be able to manoeuvre a large piece of furniture).  Then we finally found one that should work (a 1930’s cabinet from a haberdashery shop) and my husband ordered it this morning, so it should be arriving before too long.  I’m so looking forward to seeing it in the room!


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