Minced Pork & Vegetable Curry


The stock of meat is getting very low, we’ll have to go and do some shopping soon, but there was still some minced pork in the freezer so I decided that we would use  it tonight.  Both my husband and I love many forms of curry, so we tend to have curry often, and it was a curry that I decided to cook with the minced pork.  No Japanese curry roux used today, although I did use some flour.  All I did was put some spices and vegetables in with the pork and cooked until everything was cooked through.


I first sauteed minced onion slowly, then added minced garlic and ginger (I kept the ginger a little bigger so we can actually taste it now and again) and sauteed for a few more minutes, then added the spices (cumin seeds, Madras curry powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, fenugreek, cayenne pepper & black pepper), and sautéed for a few more minutes.  I then added the pork and when that looked cooked I added part of a tin of tomatoes, sauteed for a few more minutes, then added vegetables (onion, carrot, lotus root, Italian pumpkin, and some mushrooms that didn’t look to have much life left).  After mixing everything together, I added some yoghurt, mixed again, then water and vegetable stock powder, some salt, let it come to the boil then turned the heat down, put the lid on and cooked until the vegetables were cooked through.  I cooked rice with a couple of sachets of Japanese mixed grains.



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