English Breakfast


We have used up almost all the meat from the freezer, so my husband made orders online and went to pick it up at the butcher we usually go to.  Although England is on a strict lockdown again, the situation has still been getting worse so we are trying to go out as little as possible, so we ordered quite a lot.  We vacuum packed a lot of them and put them in the freezer leaving just enough for the next few days.


And we chose to cook sausages for dinner today because it was an easy option.  Apparently they were out of the usual English pork sausages so he bought turkey and bacon sausages that they assured him we wouldn’t know if we hadn’t been told they weren’t pork.  Well, we would!  The texture was more like ham (a little bouncy) and was a little more gamy.


As the plate is very large they don’t look so but they are quite large.  My husband had 2 but 1 was enough for me.  With the sausages we had fried tomato and sunny-side-up.  I would have liked more vegetables but we didn’t have mushrooms and couldn’t think of anything else.



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