Steak Night


We saw a lot of little birds on our bird feeder, which made us very happy.  Like I wrote a little while ago, we didn’t see many for quite a while, we think it’s because of the renovation work as there were people in and out of the garden more often than usual and there was some noise from the new craft room.


Today’s dinner was Ribeye steak.  Since we came to England, maybe we have it once a month or so.  Partly because my husband loves steak and partly because we found a good butcher in Petworth, but I feel it’s probably more because it’s an easy option as coming up with different menu every day is a pain.


We almost always have Potato Dauphinoise whenever we have steak.  My husband said today as we were having the dinner, “Steak is great but I don’t think it’s as good without the lovely spuds (he means Potato Dauphinoise)”.  For me, I like it but I don’t mind if we have roasted potato or chips or mash on the side.


Our online supermarket delivery is coming tomorrow and we used most of vegetables from the fridge, no green vegetables were left.  We felt just carrots is not enough vegetables so had a little side salad.


I cooked this Jamie Oliver’s carrots.  I used to cook this all the time, I think, in Hong Kong but then I kind of forgot about it and hadn’t cooked for many years.  As I sliced quite thinly I cooked them for 30 minutes only but they were still quite crunchy, they probably need at least 45 minutes.









The steaks were very large, neither of us could finish it.  My husband left about 1/3 and I left even more.  Too much is left to use just in sandwiches so perhaps we’ll use it for a salad.





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