Roses Are Red …



The subscription flowers this time were red roses as I expected because Valentine’s Day is on the day after tomorrow.  As some of you know by now, I would very seldom buy red roses, especially here.  In Japan these days you can buy very beautiful special roses and I think you can in London but these ones look very ordinary to me.  In their site on the Valentine’s Day flower page, there are 2 types of red roses and I guess these are the less expensive ones called Naomi but I really cannot see any special character.  Still, my husband loves red roses so he is happy.

If I take the leaves off and make a bouquet, it will be a very small one with only this number of roses so I just cut them shorter and put them in a vase as they came.  I’m supposed to take off the outside petals but I’ll wait until they are a little more open.



It’s a Chinese New Year today.  As we lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for many to years, we are quite aware of Chinese New Year as well.  I used to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year days as it’s usually very busy and noisy the rest of the year.













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